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Competition Formats

Stroke or Medal Play -  This the form of competition in which the player totals their score for each of the 18 holes, giving a gross score before the deduction of the handicap.   The full handicap is then deducted to give the net score.  This is usually considered the most testing from of golf.

Stableford - This is a popular form of competition.  On the card the competitor records the gross score and the appropriate number of points, as follows: Two points for a hole completed with a net score of par, one point for a net score of one over par, three points for a net score of one under par, four points for a net score two under par, and so on.   The player with the most points for the 18 holes wins.  Winning scores usually range from 35 to 42 points.  The Stableford form of competition can be played in singles, foursomes, four balls or greensomes.

Bogey Competition -  This is an alternative to the Stableford and is, in effect, a matchplay competition in which the golfer plays a hole-by-hole match against par  (bogey). Unlike a true match, the whole round is completed and the player records on each hole whether, after receipt of their handicap stroke(s) for the hole, they have won, drawn or lost against the bogey.  A bogey competition is scored plus (+) for a score better than net par, zero (0) for a score of net par and minus (-) for a score worse than net par.  At the end of the round the player records how many up or down they are against par.  For example three up (+3) to six down (-6).  This is a difficult form of competition with winning scores ranging from two up to three down.

Flag - A Flag competition is a stroke play competition in which each player adds the SSS for the course (68) to their playing handicap to calculate the number of strokes they will receive.  Score card should be marked as for medal competition until the respective number of strokes has been played. It should then be recorded on the card how far the player has progressed round the course (i.e. holed out on the 17th, 50 yards from the 18th hole, etc.)

Texas Scramble (4 Ball) - Involves a 4 person team playing 4 balls, but with each shot being played from the same spot.  Once all players have teed off they then choose which one of the four balls to play next.  The position of the chosen ball is marked and then played by its owner.  Their partners then place  their own balls within six inches of the marked position, no nearer the hole  (if the marked ball is played from the rough then all balls must be dropped and played from the rough - not placed).  The team then chooses the position they wish to continue from and so on until they putt out.  A  medal score is recorded as soon as one of the balls is holed out.  Each player must provide at least three tee shots during each round.  Each  team will receive a tenth of their combined handicap with a maximum of six  shots.

Texas Scramble (2 Ball) -  Is played similar to the (4 Ball) version but with a team of two persons.  Each player must provide at least six tee shots in each round.  Each team receives twenty five percent of their combined handicaps.

Matchplay -   This is a head to head match between two players or two groups of two players. if played off handicap, with two players, the lower handicap player gives the full handicap difference to the higher handicap player.  With two groups of two players the lower handicap player gives three-quarters of the difference to the higher handicap players.  A stroke index guide is provided on the notice board.

Fourball Better Ball -  This is a form of play in which four players play together, each using a ball.  It is played in partnership, matching the lower score for each partnership in a matchplay format.  In a match, the handicapping is taken on a three-quarter basis, the players taking handicap strokes from the lower handicap of the four.

Greensomes -  In  this competition players go out in fours, made up of two pairs.  All four players drive on each hole.  The players of each partnership choose the better drive of the two and finish the hole playing alternate shots.  The player whose drive was not taken plays the second shot.   Partners receive three-eighths of their combined handicaps.  A Greensomes can be played as a Matchplay, a Medal or a Stableford Bogey.

Foursomes -  In  this, four golfers play together in pairs, but use one ball between a pair and take alternate shots for each hole.  One player elects to drive the  first hole and will then drive on every odd numbered hole, the other partner playing the even hole tee shots.  This can then be played on a  matchplay or stroke play format.  Partners receive three-quarters of the difference in their combined handicaps.

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