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Fixture Programme - For details please check the MasterScoreboard web site

Normally the course is closed to all Members, who are not competing, as follows:
Sundays until 10.30 hrs.  
Tuesdays, if there is a competition, until 10.30 hrs approx.
Some Thursdays during the summer for Senior League matches until 1130 hrs approx.

Competitions have a handicap limit of 28 for Men and 45 for Ladies. If you do not have a current handicap, you may obtain one by submitting three counting score cards.

If you find it difficult to find players to mark your card you should contact the Club and they will arrange for someone to play with you.

Competition Entries -  Please note that entries for weekly competitions now have to made using the computer in the Club Room or on line at MasterScoreboard web site.  The entry form software is easy to use, just follow the On Screen instructions.  Also, please note that on the day of the competition you must sign in on the computer before you commence your round.  Failure to do so may exclude you from the results.  The Club computer is now fitted with a Touch Screen so you no longer have to use the keyboard or mouse when making entries.

To check your competition start times - Click Here

Tel: 07711 475233
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