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'B' League


Isle of Wight  'B' League

The IoW ‘B’ League provides  golfers with the opportunity for a social round of golf on Thursday evenings from end of April to the end of August. For only £6 per match (at current rates  of exchange!), the golfer can expect to play, with his team, against the other  Island Golf Clubs both at home and away and have a sociable meal on completion of each match.  

Each Golf Club provides a  team of 12 players and the matches are played in team pairs. The golf  format is Greensomes, i.e. both team players driving, the best drive  selected and then alternate shots into the hole. This is the fun format  of our wonderful game and the emphasis is on the social aspect of meeting and playing with other Island golfers (of course, natural competitiveness is always in attendance!!).  Half the difference between handicaps provides the number of shots that each team pair will receive from or give to their opponents.

The current Team’s handicaps range from  10 to 28, so those of a nervous handicap disposition should not be put off!!  

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